Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marathon Training Day 2 Week 9

My first 8 miler. I will be doing 8 miles every Wednesday for the next 3 weeks. I was going to use a gel pack during my run but realized I left them at home. I felt fresh and full of energy. I finished the first mile in 8:30 and just kept going. I reached halfway in 34:28 about 30 seconds slower than my 4 miler yesterday. Mile 5 was a little harder to maintain my pace but I kept it up. I reached 6.2mi 50 seconds faster than my best 10k time. I let up a little after that since my starting goal was 72 minutes. I picked up the pace once I reached 7 miles but found I ended up back at a 9 min/mi pace if I didn't check my watch. I got up to an 8 min pace with 0.2 left and just gave it all I had the last 0.1m finishing in 1:09:44. That is 2:16 faster than my goal time. I set the bar high for the up coming Wednesdays. I plan to use gel pack next time to prevent the energy slump after 45-50 minutes.
Here are my splits per mile:
Mile 1 8:30
Mile 2 8:55
Mile 3 8:32
Mile 4 8:32
Mile 5 8:44
Mile 6 8:56
Mile 7 9:04
Mile 8 8:31

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