Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Runner's Knee

I almost bought some fish oil this morning. I was checking my blood pressure at the grocery store (137/95) and right next to the machine was a bin with 50% off. Looks like I am going back around lunch time. I bought a sport knee brace and I am wearing it today.
I plan to wog (walk/jog) 2 miles and then if that sucks I am taking off running until Sunday. I might do elliptical or stationary bike instead. I read you don't lose fitness if you take 4-5 days off. I am looking forward to going to a minimalist shoes in May and running barefoot some. I will wear my trusted old Nike clown shoes instead of the new ones. I read an article and it said to ice the knee and take ibuprofen (did both last night). It also said it can be caused by stronger tighter hamstring and weaker quads and to add in some quad exercised and stretch the hamstrings. Run on softer surfaces and take smaller strides on hills. I started over analyzing my running form last week and might have messed up something I was doing right and caused improper form.
I have been going strong and pushing hard since August so I am not upset about my knee. I too am wondering why it didn't happen sooner. I had a very similar pain in my other knee in November. It lasted 10 days and I just rested.
It takes ALOT for me to take OTC drugs. I am usually against anything except TUMS. Until Sunday the last time I took pain pills was in 2007 when I had 4 wisdom teeth removed. Before that it was in spring break 2004 when I got a really bad sunburn. Sunday Ellen gave me half of one her pain meds (forgot it makes you sleepy) and yesterday I took ibuprofen. Did you know that studies show drinking beer after a marathon helps prevent inflammation?
I like the paleo diet. I like the barefoot running movement. I like my native American ancestry. I like that Ellen wants to tun our house into a homestead and grow vegetables and raise chickens. I like that I have not cut my hair in 7 months. I like keeping things simple.
I just got 40 ibuprofen softgels (2 20 packs but one get one free) and 100 fish oil soft gels. I also picked up a black knee strap because the brace made it hurt worse. I have seen lots of runners wear them and it made the pain stop as soon as I put it on. I ordered a bright yellow one for the race on Amazon.
HUMP DAY and Nation Margarita Day!

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