Friday, February 17, 2012

Bicep/Tricep Supersets & Shoulders

I forgot to work my shoulders on Monday so I replaced my last 4 sets of bicep/tricep supersets with shoulders.

Finally broke past my 172 lb plateau after almost 2 years. 5 lbs to go for the marathon. Found the magic formula: Marathon training + carb cycling + paleo.

I plan on running like I am the bus from the movie speed tomorrow. If I slow down or stop I will explode. 90% chance of rain tomorrow with a high of 52 F. I ripped the liner on my compression shorts last Sunday. I started to wonder why I only have 2 pair of running shorts and run 4 days a week. I think I will leave work a little earlier so I can pick up a new pair. I only pay full retail on workout clothes and shoes everything else I buy second hand and clearance.

I was very happy to see 168.8. Made it feel more real than yesterday. I have not posted a facebook pic of my scale since October 2009 when I hit 185 and won my families Biggest Loser contest.
In true dork fashion I decided to wear my middle school band shirt to celebrate being back at my middle school weight.
1996-97 chubby 13 year old
2012 lean 28 year old

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