Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marathon Training Day 4 Week 10

It rained all day Saturday. I spent most of the day telling myself I would do 18 miles in the rain and I got kinda grumpy. I decided around 2pm to move my run to Sunday because the forecast was sunny the low was 39 and a high of 59.
I got into bed a reasonable hour planning to start my run at 5am but I did not get up until 5:40. I knew it would take around 3 hours to do 18 miles so I got up and headed out. Our new mattress was going to be delivered between 10am and noon so I did not have much of a window of time.
I started my run at 6:15am. I kept a steady 10min pace for the first 3 miles. Mile 4 a picked up my pace and took a gel pack. I had to pee and knew there was a park ahead with a "port-a-potty" so I kept a good pace. Right at 6.2 miles I made the pit stop. I got back on the road and noticed another jogger ahead so I sped up to pass him since I figure I might as well push myself in the middle miles. I passed him and at North Lake Park he caught back up and said good morning. He asked me how far i going and I said 18. He said he can only do 5 mile and was jogging to Walmart to get a gatorade and then jogging back. I told him I am training for a marathon and asked if he was training for anything specific. He said run in high school and just kept it up and he run 3-4 days a week since it keeps him in shape and he sometimes plays pickup games of basketball and said his name is Derek. I introduced myself and then we jogged in silence. I knew his route turned left at the the stop sign and I had planned to go straight so add a 0.5 out and back. He ended up going straight too so I figured there might be another way to get to Walmart. We went half a mile and then he I said, "I am turning around." and he followed me. I picked up the pace since it was downhill and he kept right by me. We got back to the stop sign and we headed toward his original destination. I figured he would split off at the next crosswalk but he kept going with me. We went another mile and I decided to offer him my gaterade/water mix bottle (I carry 2 bottle on my belt. 1 water and 1 mix). He seemed grateful and carried the bottle with him. I had put off taking my second gel back at mile 9 but at mile 12 I decided to go ahead. I took the gel pack and offered him one and he said it tasted good. He asked where they sell them and I told them 2 places. We ran past UNT and all the bars and headed downtown. At this point after waiting at a crosswalk my right knee started to hurt. It is 2.5 miles from the downtown train station to my starting point and I was only at 13 miles so I headed south to add some more distance. We ended up at the train station and I decided to cut my run 1.5 short since my knee hurt and I offered to give him a ride home since my car was not too far. He accepted and we got on the DCTA A-Train trail. I pushed thru the pain and finished 16.5 miles in 2:44:15 which is right on pace with my 18mi/3hr goal. Derek run 10 miles with me.
My wife called to see if I was ok right after we finished and I said yes and told he I met a friend and would be home in 20 mins after giving him a ride back. Derek told me he works at my gym and I offered to run again with him if he would like. I had planned to exchange number but I didn't but I figure I will seem him again.
I got home at 9:30am and we frantically moved our bed into the guest room to make room for the delivery guys. I am looking forward to sleeping tonight.

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