Monday, February 27, 2012

Chest/Back Superset & Shoulders

My knee is still very sore from the Cowtown Half this morning. My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and I debated sleeping in to get some extra recovery rest. I snoozed until 5:10am and decided that I would be more benefit from getting up than sleeping another 20+ minutes. It is nice to get off work and be home by 7pm and done for the day. I am looking forward to the time change coming up soon so I can be home before dark.

I proudly wore my finishers shirt from yesterday at the gym. I was strong on my lifts but I closed my eyes as I rested on my first few sets. I had to cut my workout 10 minutes shorts than normal so I took out my last 4 sets of chest and back.

For my first chest workout I used the plate loaded decline press 4 sets of 6 reps. I did 200 the first set and I felt good. I added 30 pounds the second set and 20 more pounds the 3rd set. For the last sets I added another 30 pounds and did my 6 reps max of 280 lbs. I tried 290 last week but was only able to do 4 reps.
For my first back exercise I used the cable MTS high row machine 4 sets 6 reps. I started off with 120 pound and added 30 pounds the second and third sets. For the 4th set I did 200 pound and I farted on my last rep and quickly headed to the water fountain slightly embarrassed.

I moved to the incline bench for my next 4 sets 10 reps of supersets of dumbbell incline press and dumbbell bent-over row. I started with 80 pounds and added 10 pounds each set maxing out at 110 pounds.

Next I move on to shoulder supersets mixing dumbbell lateral raises and seated dumbbell shoulder press 4 sets 6 reps each. I started out with 60 pounds. I did 70 pounds sets 2 and 3. I added 10 pounds the 4th and final set.

I decided to do wide grip pull-ups. I am adding them to my Monday and Friday workouts to prepare for the Tough Mudder coming up in 5ish weeks. I was able to do 3 reps with the third rep almost full range of motion in a slow controlled descent.

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