Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marathon Training Day 2 Week 10

Last Wednesday was a "race pace" day but today is just a normal training run. Two weeks ago I did 7 miles at a 9:15 average pace so I figure that I will shoot for a 9-9:15 avg pace today. That is a finishing time of 72-74 minutes. I got off to a good start and was running 8:30 and it felt like the same effort as 10:00. I kept a steady pace for the first 3 mile but right at 3.1 I felt like walking for a bit. I decided to keep pushing until my turnaround point at mile 4. I passed a bobcat and it was about 4 feet from me. We made eye contact and it stopped while I went past. I got to mile 4 in 36:15 and walking while I took a gel pack and dumped out half of a water bottle to lose some the weight on my belt. I walked for 0.1 then started back up. I found it hard to get back to a 9min pace so I just pushed a little harder. When I hit mile 7 I felt like pretty good so I pushed myself more. I thought I was going at a 8:30 pace but I was going 10:00, quite the opposite from the first mile. I picked up my pace at 7.7mi and "sprinted" the last 0.1 like always finishing in 74:03.

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