Friday, February 10, 2012

Bicep/Tricep Supersets

I changed up my routine because it was beginning to feel stale. I used the plate loaded ez-bar instead of the fixed weight ones on the preacher curl. I don't know how much the bar it's self weighs but a put a 25 and a 5 one each side. I strained and stuggled to do 6 reps so I grabbed the 60 lb fixed weight bar for my second set and it felt much lighter. The 70 lb fixed weight was taken so went back to the plate loaded and took off the fives on each side. Then for the last set I think I used an 80 lb fixed weight.
For my 6 rep set of triceps I did seated overhead tricep extentions. I started off with a 70 lb dumbell and added 5 pound each set ending with an 85 lb dumbbell.
Next I did 4 sets 10 reps of hammer curls. I can't remember my 10 rep set for triceps, I might have forgotten to do it.
For my 15 rep sets I actually did supersets. I did the plate loaded triceps dip and dumbbell incline curls.
I ended with drop sets on cable triceps extension and cable preacher curl
Total workout time: 34 minutes

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