Monday, April 23, 2012

"Barefoot" Day 1 Week 2

This week we are running/jogging MON,WED,FRI instead of TU,THUR,SAT because of Denton Jazz & Arts Fest. We started on our jog after Ellen finished cooking dinner. I decided to go a different path because we are doing 0.75mi the sidewalk we had been using has a big hill the last 0.2mi. We got on a dirt/gravel trail and Ellen ran in the grass. We went 0.4mi then turned around and did 0.35mi. Winston was pulling alot and I had to keep slowing him down so we could all stick close together. We finished 0.75mi in 12:31 then walked for 0.25mi. Wednesday will be our first full mile together and I am excited. Our plan we are following is 3 days a week adding 0.25mi each time. I hope to do a 5k together at the end of week 5 at South Lakes park..

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