Thursday, April 5, 2012

Training Day 2 Week 17

I woke up with my alarm but I felt zapped of energy and a dead weight glued to the bed. Luckily my lovely wife woke up ready to go and even went to my car and grabbed my 5-hour energy drink. I drank it and slowly got up. I told her to go ahead to the gym and I would just start my run from the house. She convinced me to ride with her and just start my run from the gym parking lot like usual. I ran with our dog Winston last week and he wanted in on it. We started at 5:40ish which is a little later than ideal but I should have got up earlier. Ellen went inside and Winston took off pulling the leash with more energy than our last two runs. We settled into an 8:30 pace and even sped up after the 1 mile turnaround. Winston was right at my side and I did not need to coax him to speed up until the last 0.2 mi. We finished in 16:37 which is 59 seconds better than last week. I accidently called Winston Lucky (my childhood dog) twice during the run and I feel like we are connecting more even though I have known him 3 years.

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