Thursday, April 12, 2012

Training Day 3 Week 18

This is the last training run of my 18 weeks. I have been running 4 days a week for 32 of the past 36 weeks. In January I ran a training 5K in 25:02 so I decided to try an beat my PR this evening. I set off on a good pace and finished the first mile in 7:48 and reached halfway in 12:23. I turned around to come back and did my best to stay at an 8min pace. When I got back onto the dirt trail I started breathing heavy and at 2.35 mi I stopped and start walking. I was sweaty and overheated so I paused my garmin and walked for 3 minutes to cool down and catch my breath. I started up again at a slower pace and finished out to 3.1mi in 25:54 garmin watch time, 3.24 mi in 28:43 total time. Being about 80 degrees outside makes a big difference for me. I may be a Texan but I live for the cold weather.

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