Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

After 40 days of no bread Lent has come to an end. We are in San Marcos visiting my brother and sister. Ellen and I decided a long time ago we want pizza as it is the main bread based food I tend to crave. Being amazing hosts my sister and her roommates and boyfriend decided to cook a breakfast feast. The local grocery store was closed so we braved the hell-hole know as Walmart to get supplies. We snacked on Cadbury creme eggs on the drive back. Aaron made pancake while Melissa and Jonathan made breakfast tacos. Ellen made hummus from scratch while Scott and Kara cropped up the veggies. We feasted at noon and then Kara had to hit the road.
We got out swim suits on and headed out to 5 Mile Dam with Scott's dog Lonesome and Aaron's dog Friday. It was packed full of families cooking out and we headed down the the end of the shore and set up camp. We played in the water with the dogs while the sun shined in between the clouds floating slowly across the sky. After a while we got out and moved further down stream past the dam and everyone tossed the frisbee around while I sat on the shore with Friday soaking up some rays. Around 4:30 I said we needed to go (Ellen and I had planned on leaving town at 3pm).
Melissa and Jonathan has planned to take us to Valentino's Pizzas on the square but most places were closed for Easter. Luckily Papa Johns was open and we had another nice meal before we hit the road. Neither of us felt like making the 4 hour drive back but around 7pm we finally left. We drove straight home and got in right at 11pm just in time to wake up at 6am.

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