Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training Day 1 Week 17

I met up with a friend after work to run. I have decided that running alone is lonely and running with someone makes it more enjoyable and less likely for me to push too hard and hurt myself. We went to a park in Watauga near where I used to live in 2008-2009. I have been to the park once before back that was when I was way out of shape. It was a fun run and the smell of Pei Wei was making me even more hungry. I did not have my usual 3pm snack because out office was shut down due to a Tornado warning. It hit a nursing home about 2-3 miles west of us.
We ran 2.5mi then start walking back to the car. After we caught our breath Eric said lets run back so we got up to an 8min pace. I decided to run as fast as I could the last bit and when I got to my car I was at 2.9mi so I kept going to 3.0 for a nice number for my spreadsheet.

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