Monday, April 2, 2012

Bicep/Tricep Supersets

I woke up sore from the weekend and did not want to get up. I snoozed my 4:45am alarm and went back to sleep. Somehow I got up and got to the gym. I decided to do arms instead of chest and back because I skipped my arm workout Friday and my back is sore. I got to the gym and for some reason I was able to do 90lbs and then 100lbs on the preacher curl. It was amazing and then.... beep beep beep. I woke up and it was 7:15am and I was running late for work. Darn it, I was dreaming and I overslept...

I got to work at 9 am (two hours late). I got alot of work done and decided to leave 30 minutes early. I had promised Ellen I would help with the garden. I need to cut open and pour the compost and manure and spread over the new raised bed. I got home at 6:15 and did my duty really quick and headed off the the gym to get my workout in.

Inspired by my dream I planned on doing an arm workout and attempting heavier weights. It was about this time last year I upped the intensity of my workouts in honor of my friend James who had just passed away. The gym was so crowded I could not use the free weights but I pushed hard and had a good intense 29 minute workout.

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