Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Training Day 2 Week 18

I got home a little early and helped clean out the chicken coop while Ellen cooked dinner. I decided to go run before eating and Winston got excited. He followed me up the driveway to the street and I had Ellen call him back into the yard so I could leave. I got up the street and looked back and Winston was standing in the middle of the busy street that runs south of our house watching me. I ran full speed towards him and he ran back towards the corner. Ellen had just noticed he wandered off and she yelled at him to come back. I decided to take him with me and run 2 miles instead of 3.1 mi. I ran him at an 8 minute pace the first mile and he got tired. I had to almost pull him on the way back and we stopped to walk 3 times. We finished 2 miles in 17:37. I guess I will shoot for 3.1 miles tomorrow. I am in peak training and want to attempt a 5k in under 25 minutes.

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