Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Primal Challenge Day 10

Sagittarius Horoscope 4/25/12: You are feeling the urge to talk more today -- things are kind of stumbling along slowly, and it may be a good time to forget about progress and just rethink what you need to do next.

The primal challenge is going great! 10 days in and every meal but one has been home cooked so far. The meal out was at Chipotle and healthy. We are buying organic produce and some meats and grass-fed beef from a CSA we joined. I love eating primal. I do not get super hungry/angry every 2-3 hours anymore. I am looking forward to our chickens laying eggs. It is also helping us budget our food better. Saturday we spent the last of our money (minus bills) on groceries. I challenged Ellen to plan it out to make it last 6 days till our next paycheck. The RNG showed me a number I have never seen before this morning. I went to but some new cargo shorts on Friday and found out I am at a new size but they only had plaid so I didn't get anything.

 I am still considering building a home gym in my detached garage. It would save us $75 a month for 2 gym memeberships. My roommate moved out in July but left alot of stuff and it takes up half our space. I asked him to get it out by November but no such luck. He is getting married in September and we should have it all gone by then. It gets too hot here anyway. We have the option to suspend our gym membership so maybe I will try out having a home gym when it cools off this fall.

 I just spilled coffee all over my shirt...

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