Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Barefoot" Day 3 Week 1

Ellen had alot of school work to do, I needed to return a movie to Red Box, and it is Earth Day... Solultion: I took Winston for a run and stopped by Kroger's to return the movie while Ellen stayed at home. I had alot of extra energy. We walked to the gym then started our run. We kept a 10-10:30 pace and the 0.75mi ended at the top of the hill on Spencer Rd in 7:56. We turned around and started walking down the hill towards Kroger's. After about 2 minutes of walking I decided to do a 0.25mi sprint and it lasted 2:01. We dropped off the DVD and got back on Spencer. When we crossed Loop 288 we sprinted another 0.25mi in 2:19. We walked/ran 2.5mi in 33:22. Since Ellen could not join me we will do 0.75mi on our next run so I do not get ahead of her in our training.

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