Tuesday, March 13, 2012

15 Day Break Over

After 15 day off from running (which might have been overkill) I ran this evening. I had planned on trying to do 2-4 miles right after work. With the time change I have plenty of time to run after work before it gets dark. My wife's parents decided to stay one more night. Her dad was determined to finish the Chicken Coop and her mother has been helping reorganize our house. I decided to drive home and planned to do my 2 mile route I did every Wednesday from August to October of last year. . I put on my GPS watch, stretched, and started running. I decided to not look at my watch and just do what feesl comfortable so I do not push myself too hard. I did not have any knee pain but when I got to half a mile nature called. I turned around and noticed I had been running under an 8 min/mi I pushed a little bit and finished 1 mile in 7:28.

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