Monday, March 5, 2012

Chest/Back Superset

4 sets 6 reps
Plate Loaded Decline Press
Plate Loaded Low Row

4 sets 10 reps
Plate Loaded Chest Dip
Dumbbell bent over row

4 sets 12 reps
Cable Chest Flys
Cable Fixed Pulldown

Update 7am
After driving about 4 miles my front right tires went flat. It was right before the exit for Discount Tire so I just parked it there.

The store did not open for an hour so I went to Burger King and got some coffee.

Update 9:30am
I got to work and noticed my new tire was losing pressure.

Update 6:15pm
I took my car to the Discount Tire by my office. They said my rim is the reason for the leak. They wanted way to much for a new rim and wanted $175 to repair it. I found new rims for $175 online and somebody selling a set of 4 on craigslist. I had them put the spare on and plan to figure out a solution by Thursday.

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