Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEW First Marathon Goal

I will not be able to run the Big D full marathon (I might do the Half) next month since I took off 15 days in the peak of my training plan to recover from a sore knee (IT Band). I had hoped to run the Andy Pain Marathon in Oklahoma City May 27th but after talking to a friend I found out it will be HOT and the course is a 13.1 mile loop you run twice (no thanks). I just got an email today that the White Rock Marathon will start/end in downtown Dallas this year. This is my new goal race. If I cant do the White Rock in December 2012 I will do the Cowtown Marathon in Feb 2013. My goal is to run a Marathon before I turn 30 so I have till late November 2013.


  1. good Lord, you look sexy......

  2. Thanks, I am just trying to stay active and eat healthy so I don't get fat again.