Sunday, March 18, 2012

9 Miles in NRH

This morning I got to run with a friend from high school and his girlfriend. I recently found out that he is training for the Big D Half marathon. He suggested we should run together and I just so happened to have plans to visit my parents on his long run day. We decided to meet up at 8:30 to get out before it got too hot and be done before brunch at 11am. This is my first long run since the Cowtown 3 week ago. We kept it at a steady 11 min/mi for most of the way and I functioned as the pace leader because I have a GPS watch and usually train at a 10 min/mi. I planned out a route on google earth that was about 9.25 miles and it ended up being 9.5mi. Andrea and I stopped at 9 miles and Eric passed us and we shouted to him but he had his headphones on and ended up doing the full 9.5mi, his longest run so far. I think we are going to meet up next Sunday for 11 miles.

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