Thursday, March 1, 2012

Running Break

This morning I stepped on the scale and I weighed in at 173. I cut out my cardio workouts since Wednesday 2/22 and the only running I have done was the Half Marathon on Sunday. I ate big all weekend and on Monday and Tuesday I went to sonic for their Steak & Egg breakfast burrito and sweet potato tots. I have gained 1 pound two weeks in a row but last week I lost 0.7 pounds of fat and this week I lost 1.7 pounds of fat. I have been losing 0.2-0.7 pounds of fat a week for the past 10 weeks and this was my biggest weekly loss since January. If I was a cause and effect person I would use logic to say that eating fast food and cutting out cardio causes higher fat loss. Or perhaps changing up my routine confuses my body. Or it could be because I have had a lower appetite and unable to eat large potions because I get full quickly. I am still sticking to my carb cycling routine and Tuesday and Thursday are my low carb days. Tuesday I slept in till 11am and I only ate about 1500 calories. I am very aware that taking a break from running I am losing the 3800 calories I was burning a week. I am very happy my appetite is playing nice and I dont want to ruin it this coming weekend. I plan to add in some cross training exercises and hopefully get back to running soon. I found a Marathon in Oklahoma City 6 weeks after the Big D Marathon so I am still hopeful that I can reach my goal before it gets too hot. There are not any more Marathons in the area until the Fall and I am in my peak fitness right now.

If this IT band issue is still bothering me in 2 weeks I plan to go to REI and pick up some minimalist toe shoes and start over from scratch on my distance.

Here is a chart showing my pounds of body fat since I bought my body fat monitor. I am the my second leanest ever and I am 2.1 pounds of fat from where I was in March 2010 at the end of my first Body for Life challenge. I plan reach 23 pounds of body fat before the Tough Mudder on March 31st.

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