Thursday, March 29, 2012

Running with Winston

When we were getting ready this morning Winston (our dog) got very excited. I asked him, "Do you want some more punishment?." He went nuts making some sounds I have never heard before. So we did the same thing as Tuesday evening. We rode to the gym in Ellen's car. She went inside to get on the elliptical trainer. We started out at a slower pace and I could tell he had less energy that two days ago. I decided to turnaround at .75mi instead of 1mi so my run would end closer to home. At 1.5 miles he ran out of steam again so we slowed down as we crossed the crosswalk over Loop 288. We did the last 0.4 miles at a 11-12 min pace and his collar came off right at the end finishing 2 miles in 19:01.

I put the dog inside and decided to do another set of sprints to burn off some more energy. I started under the street light by my house and sprinted 2 streetlight down the street. I rested for 75 seconds then sprinted back. I want to add more sprints into my week to improve my 5k time so I can run the Mayfest 5k in under 25 minutes.

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