Thursday, March 15, 2012

5K Run

I worked 30 minutes late and headed home. We had plan to meet up with a friend at a new place in town. I got home just before 7 and headed out for my run. I decided to wear my heart rate monitor for the first time since October. The first mile felt great. I was running along a dirt trail next to a small 2 lane road. When I crossed the street to get on the concrete trail along the new commute train track my heart rate alert beeped telling me my I was above 172 bpm. I slowed down a little and it stopped. Right around mile 2 the alarm went off again but I just kept going. I ran the last 1.1 miles annoyed at the sound and finished the 5k run in 27:33. Walking home my heart rate dropped to 145 and 125 when I got inside my house. My avg heart rate for the run was 169 with a max of 186. Sheesh.

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