Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lean and Psyched

I can't believe it is 2 days until the Tough Mudder. Time is flying by right now. I have finally surpassed my end of BFL Challenge 1 (march 2010) level of leanness. A co-worker told me today that I look "cut". I am going thru waves of excitement and nervousness today about the Tough Mudder. I got texts from Ellen earlier that said, "I'm no nervous I don't want to lose you." and "Don't let anyone try to convince you! (to do anything stupid) If my dad trys remind him of the grandchildren he wants someday." It is calming me down reassuring her I won't do anything too risky. I am pumping myself up mentally for the TM. Monkey bars are VERY hard for me and maybe wearing gloves will help. I am doing the pullups so build up my climbing strength.

Right now I am debating if I should skip my usual bicep/tricep workout tomorrow to save my strength and keep from being sore Saturday. I am considering doing the 5:45am Spin class instead.

For my weekly Thursday weight in I was at 170.0 and 13.5% body fat making today the leanest I have ever been. Not being in a 12 week challenge means no stopping any time soon.

This picture describes how I feel right now...
Left (January 2011) right before my first 10k. I was very nervous and almost didn't go.
Right (March 2010) Monkeying around in Reno during Active Rest after my first BFL challenge.

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