Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5k Obstalce Workout

Ellen was not feeling good and lacking motivation so I headed to the park alone. I decided to mix my 5k run with my obstacle course training to simulate more realistically what I will be doing at the Tough Mudder on Saturday. I took off running at a sub 7min pace thinking I might do the 1.5 mile loop in close to 10 minutes but soon discovered I was out of breath so I took the shorter loop that ended up being 1 mile. I ran into the playground full of kids looking like a sweaty bearded crazy person and got on the monkey bars. I found that I am not able to make it across the 8-10 bars. I then did 5 pull ups and 5 chin ups then ran back to the loop. I ended up doing 3 rounds equaling 3.17 miles in 31:20.

I walked back to my car and after I caught my breath I felt like I had more energy. I look across the field and saw some trees and decided to sprint to them as fast as possible. I sprinted 400ish feet and it took me 25 second with a 4:50-5:25 pace. I rested and caught my breath again and sprinted the same distance back in 20 second with a 4:27-5:15 pace. It was dusk and running in the grass in the dark felt like an amazing windy rush. This is the fastest I have even moved on foot according to my garmin connect activity log. My second fastest was my spring thru downtown Fort Worth at the Cowtown Half at a pace of 5:33

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