Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Running with Winston

Ellen and I had decided to go to the park for out workout but when I got home I remembered that it it Tuesday and I do my obstacle workouts on Wednesday so we decided to go to the gym instead. We were leaving and out dog Winston started getting excited and running around the house. I decided to run outside with the dog while Ellen got on the Elliptical in the gym. I was only doing 2 miles so I decided I would ride to the gym with Ellen and walk home after my run since our house is about 0.3 miles away to give her a longer time to workout.
We started out at an 8:15 pace and reached 0.5mi in 4:05. Then came the long uphill and we slowed down a little. I was unsure how far he could go but he still had energy at the 1 mile turnaround. We headed back up the hill at a 9ish pace and came down the hill strong. Winston seemed to loose steam at 1.47mi and we slow down to a jog at 1.5mi to recover. At 1.6 I picked up the pace again and with some words of encouragement he stayed just behind my side until we had 0.25 left and I slowed down a little then we went full speed (6:45-7 pace) till the end finishing in 17:36. We started walking home but I love to run so we sprinted another 0.2mi on the way home. Winston was panting for an hour after we got home. He and Ellen will be doing the couch to 5k program together soon.

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