Monday, August 8, 2011


C4W1D1 and I am pumped. Today is also the beginning of a 10 day juice fast Ellen is doing. I woke up about 10-15 minutes later than I had planned. I got to the gym at 5:20 power by a 1/2 shot of NO Xplode Blue Raz. I finished my workout in 29 mins and headed home to shower. Work starts at 7am for me but as long as I am there by 7:30 I am considered on time. Since I was running 15 minutes late I decided to go to smoothie king for breakfast. I got a 20oz Lean1 Strawberry Smoothie with Muscle Builder (Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine, and Taurine) from Smoothie King.

My workout summary.

Arm Supersets & Abs
(Powered by 1/2 NO Explode Blue Raz Igniter Shot)

Standing Curl
Close grip bench press
4 sets 6 reps 90 secs rest
Sets 1-3: 60lbs
Set 4: 70lbs

Lying Dumbell Extension (Skull Crushers)
Hammer Curls
4 sets 10 reps 60 seconds rest
Sets 1-3: 70 lbs (35 each hand)
Set 4: 80 lbs (40 each hand)

Cable V-bar curls
Cable pulldowns with rope attachcment
4 sets 20 reps 30 seconds rest
Set 1: 70lbs/100lbs
Sets 2-3: 75lbs/110lbs
Set 4: 75lbs/115lbs

Ab Machine
4 sets 12 reps 30 seconds rest
Set 1:80 lbs
Set 2:95 lbs
Set 3:110 lbs
Set 4:120 lbs

Crunch Machine.
2 sets 15 reps 30 secs rest
35 lbs
45 lbs

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