Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Training Day 2

I woke up on time again today and was ready and out the door in no time. I got to my driveway and pushed the power button so I could connect my watch to satellites but nothing happened. I went back inside and put it on the charger and nothing happened. I woke up Ellen and let her play with it while I goggled searched for a solution. Luckily the first results gave me a solution and it turned on and I was out the door running late, literally. I ended up with 2.22mi in 20:35 and when I heard Traveling Without Moving by Jamiroquai I pushed harder. I like seeing my current pace and feel this will help me push myself.

Last night I told Ellen that I felt bad getting all these new toys and that I don't mind spend a little extra on fitness stuff. She said she wanted a pair of shoes she tried on over the weekend. We went to two stores and picked up a new pair. We had a previous agreement that she would do the 10 week couch to 5K program and do the 5K the day of my Half.

You are quite productive today -- but not bored! In fact, your eager energy helps you maintain interest and get stuff done much more efficiently, so it's a snap for you to ensure that things improve quickly.

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