Friday, August 5, 2011


I just had a great workout. I had been doing pretty much the same routine since April. I have dropped doing upper body in all one days and splitting it into two days. Monday bicep/tricep supersets + abs and Friday chest/back supersets + shoulders. Now off to a GITA luncheon and a half day of work.

My new chest/back supersets routine:

Barbell bent-over row
Barbell bench press
6 reps 90 secs rest
set 1-3 80 lbs
set 4 90lbs

Inline dumbbell flies
Dumbell seated rear lateral raises
10 reps 60 secs rest
set 1-2 25 ea hand
set 3 30/25 ea hand
set 4 40/30 ea hand

Cable Lat Pulldowns
Cable Decline Press (chest press set 2)
15 reps 30 secs rest
set 1 125/50
set 2 125/135
set 3 130/70
set 4 135/70

Dumbbell Side Raises
Dumbbell Front Raises
6 reps each 45 secs rest
Sets 1-4 20lbs each hand
Dumbbell shrug (1 set)
55lbs each hand

Burnouts: working till failure (1 set each)
Cable chest press 95 lbs 30 reps (changed hand position halfway)
Cable seat row 90lbs 25 reps
Cable side raises 45 lbs 20 reps

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