Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Morning

I got up on time and got to the gym around 5:15am. Ellen went to sauna and I headed to the treadmill. I was excited to see that the group of treadmills to the left were all available. I hopped on the first one but the track started making a loud noise so I moved over to the next one. About 5 minutes into my HIIT workout (Level 8) it started to slow down but was still showing 8.5MPH. I moved over to the right again and programmed it for 9.0MPH and after 25-30 seconds the same thing happened. I jumped off before it came to a stop and run over to the ellipticals. A couple on the other group of treadmills gave me a weird look. I did three 4 minute sets of TABATA sprints with a minute of rest inbetween and ended up with 1.38miles average heart rate of 146. I went back to the broken treadmill and it said "Error: A0-E0" and I reported it to the front desk guy.

I make a shake before my drive to work. 8oz coconut milk, 3 strawberries, and 1 scoop of 100% egg protein 24g. It was too thick to drink so I finished it when I got to work.

I am feeling awesome about this challenge. The scale was down 5 pounds from Sunday but I know I was just bloated.

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