Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today is an evening workout day and it feels weird to be back at work having not workout out since I left yesterday but tomorrow when I get to work I will have completed 2 workouts. I am shuffling around my weekly schedule to get everything to fit together nicely. I have one version of my week that I will do while Ellen is still here and another that I will switch to when she heads back to school. Eating is going great. No cravings and only hunger during my long commute home but I feel mental power over it and it does not affect my mood. I am down 3 pounds since last Wednesday morning. After spending 5 weeks in the 180's since the honeymoon I am hoping to be back in the 170s by the weekend or next week but even if my weight goes up I will not let it effect my motivation as I am lifting heavier and could possibly lose no weight this challenge and just gain muscle and lose fat. We shall see. Unlike the last 2 challenges I am optimistic and not fearing failure or not reaching my goals. There was a billboard for UTA that said "Push your limits where there are not any." I have never reached a point where I can't push harder. I have had mental setbacks and a few short injuries but overall nothing is holding me back but myself. I washed a load of jeans and only 1 pair fit. There is some motivation right there.

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