Thursday, August 11, 2011

Marathon in February?

The water came back on an hour ago. I bought a 3 liter bottle of ozarka spring water last night for 75 cents.

I am all wired on coffee and just figured out a marathon training plan just incase I like the half and want to do more. I would an 18 week program and it is 17 weeks form my half till the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, TX..

I am getting all nutty and plan to rest for a week after the Half then do a Warrior Dash my first week 1 of my 16 week marathon training plan. There are alot of ifs and I have never ran longer than an hour or further than 6.2 miles.

I told my father-in-law last October I would do a 20K Trail run with him this coming October 15th. He is injured and has not run since April but I still want to do it.

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