Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Shoes

I decided it is time for some new shoes. I bought a pair New Balance running shoes last September but after 2 month they started to hurt my foot. Since January I have been using a pair of of size 13 Nike Air Max Light my brother gave me Nov 2009.

I like them alot but I left them in Colorado because I did not have room for them in my luggage after I bought some Tec shoe sandal things. A few months ago I designed some a custom Air Max 1 on the Nike website to look like ones my brother game me. I love blue and yellow together.

I logged in on Thursday and it said the shoes I designed is unavailable so I designed a few newer pairs.

I setup a few styles and went to the mall yesterday to see which ones fit since I have wide hobbit feet. I decided on the Air Pegasus+ 28 size 9.5. I searched every store in the mall then went home and searched online. They were $90 in the mall but only came in blue and white. The custom pair cost $115 plus shipping.

Today I searched another local store and found a pair online that were similar to the shoes I customized. I figured the color might be available in the store so I went and found out there were on sale for $80. I tried on all sorts of shoes to make sure that I there were comfortable.

I ended up buying them with a pair of matching shorts.

I hope these work out for me alot better than the last pair I bought.
I need to go to bed. It is 10:45pm and I am running a 5k in the morning.

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