Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hello Week 3 BFL! (Week 2 Half Training)

I have alot to post today. Got back in town last night just in time to go to bed. It was a great weekend and got to visit with family and have some fun in the sun. Thursday after work I squeezed in some strength training before our 5 hour drive to the coast. Friday was my rest day and we spent 4 hours on the beach and I got a small sunburn.

Saturday morning I went rollerblading on the Seawall for my 30 min cross-training session. Ellen walked our dog and we both headed in the same direction. I timed it out perfectly to where I ended up turning around and getting back to her in exactly 30 minutes. I ended up skating 4.74 miles in 30 minutes. The rest of the day we spent eating and luckily 80% of the food was Paleo so I was able to stick to my plan (except one sweet). Yesterday was my long slow run and I headed back to the seawall with my sister and she bladed while I jogged. I did not get out as early as I did Saturday and it was sunny, humid, and hot. I sweated out a gallon of water and did 4.01 miles in 40:40. I did not get up early this morning so I plan to do my strength training after work this evening!

The Seawall

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