Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Challenge 4 Goals

Challenge 4 Goals

Reasons for making the decision to change:
Still have not met my original fitness goals
Gained weight/fat after the wedding
Motivation is on the rise and I want to harness it
It is too darn hot to do anything else

12 week goals:
Lose 8-10 pounds of fat
Chest 10 inches bigger than waist
Average running pace under 9min/mi
Gain 1/2 inch on arms
Complete 95-100% of my workouts
6 days x 12 weeks = 75 workouts * 95% = 68 workouts
(I can only miss 4 workouts. C1 I only missed 2)
Limit unhealthy/processed food to every other free day
Run a half marathon at end of Week 13

Which patterns of action will prevent me from reaching my goals?
Allowing myself to makes unplanned decision when hungry (fast food)
Not practicing self control on weekends
Losing focus of my goals

What NEW patterns of action do I need to establish?
Self control on weekends
Not allowing myself to get super hungry
Going to bed early and waking up by 5am Monday thru Thursday
Plan ahead and eat more home cooked meals

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